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The people are really nice and care about the patients.

The orthodontists and hygienists are so nice. They tell you want hey will be doing and what it will feel, and that helps me a lot! Thanks for all your hard work to make my teeth straight!

This is a good place to go to get your teeth fixed. They have cool colors for your braces and nice workers. The website is super cool too. I like the prizes and the surveys. The only thing I would do is have at least three surveys at once instead of only two but they are still really fun questions and I like seeing the pie chart and what others said. The games are fun too.

I love Butterfoss and Barton! They are amazing and they treat me with care. Even after the first appointment, my teeth are straightening!!! They are so nice and they have a fun waiting area. The point system is like no other and it's fun too! All in all, they're awesome. :-)